Quantum Mechanics

Transpersonal Coaching

Why Is Transpersonal Coaching Different?

Over the years, in truth, my description of transpersonal coaching has evolved. It’s at the stage now – where understanding it properly, sits on top of a very specific requirement. You have to see the world as it really is.

The ability of science, to show how the world really is, is very new, and of course not complete. But most people’s view of the world, is out of date.

Most people think that ‘things’ they can see and touch are solid, and represent the epitome of true reality. They tend to look at the world from a mechanistic, and reductionist view – especially the entrepreneurs, the executives. Practical, pragmatic, sensible. However, that’s not quite how it is I’m afraid.. And certainly not a view that will enable you to live a truly happy and meaningful life.

What is pretty much science fact now, is that there is an invisible field of energy, from which all things rise. And what gives form to these things that are manifest from the field, is intention. Conscious intention. This includes humans.

The physical appearance of our body, is perhaps the most solid aspect of what we are, but it is like the end product, the effect, in a long chain of causes. We have various energy fields that are part of our who we are, and it is these fields, that give rise to the physical body, not the physical body that radiates these fields..

Matter, is simply energy at a specific vibration. it is the conscious intention that holds that vibration, and gives rise to visible matter. If the vibration changes, the visible matter changes..

On the spectrum of vibrations, the higher and the more pure the vibration, the finer the matter. Unconditional love, compassion etc are very high and pure vibrations, natural vibrations of the human soul. They produce healthy bodies.

Hate, anger, conflict – in fact any emotion which generates agitation and stress – is a lower vibration, and tends to produce distortions, which lead to ill health and disease.